The Science

Ulysses’ content and behavioral models are researched and validated using a sample size of over 70,000 real-life customer interactions and then further refined based on real-world implementation. Our best-practice research is incorporated throughout the learning experience.

Our blend of simulation-based e-Learning with other performance improvement components has been validated through extensive research, client results and ongoing analysis and refinement, and contains the optimum mix of training methodologies proven to develop complex customer service, sales and coaching skills. Using our proven Framework with Freedom© methodology, we’ll help your organization achieve your sales, service, and customer loyalty objectives.

Rooted in research

One reason Ulysses’ training is so successful is because we tailor our training methods to our audiences, taking into consideration their learning style and level of experience including:

  • Just-in-time training and coaching, which provides instruction in small snippets at the right time for the learner
  • Self-directed, self-paced learning that accommodates different learning styles
  • Peer mentoring through blogs and chats so learners can share experiences

Our History

In 1995, Ulysses Learning was founded by Dimitris Lyras, a Greek shipping executive who was interested in developing more effective ways for people to learn using online role-playing simulations. He then decided that the contact center industry was the perfect place to apply these enhanced learning methodologies.

To perfect the process and customize it for the contact center industry, he teamed with artificial intelligence guru, Roger Schank, who is the thought leader in goal-based scenarios and role-playing simulations.Ulysses Learning spent four years and millions of dollars in research and development to create a proven, effective learning solution that would offer short- and long-term results.

Who we work with

Today, Ulysses Learning has helped the most prominent organizations in the United States and abroad to improve their customer service, sales and coaching results.

We work with the energy, telecom, insurance, manufacturing, hospitality, and financial services industries as well as many others.