Service to Sales


Increase profits by developing your reps’ natural selling skills.
Give your sales reps and agents the skills they need to generate additional sales in a way that builds long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty.

SalesMentor can help your organization

  • Raise average sales conversion ratios up to 10%
  • Increase average monthly product sales up to 17%
  • Improve average quality monitoring ratings to 15% or more
    Prepare your reps to sell more by developing natural selling skills
    Enable your reps to sell and refer profitable products and services by showing them how to:
  • Recognize verbal and nonverbal clues to gauge each customer’s level of interest or resistance to buy
  • Adjust sales conversations based on customer needs and clues
  • Create customer desire in buying your company’s products and services
  • Overcome resistance and close the sale
    Learning by doing in a safe environment
    SalesMentor helps your reps develop and reinforce complex sales skills in a simulated, controlled environment away from customers, so they can practice crucial customer service skills and learn from their mistakes.

SalesMentor features the Pro3 Sales Strategy™
This flexible behavioral model helps your reps develop the ability to tune into a customer’s true interests including:

  • First, develop a relationship
  • Next, build need
  • Finally, gain agreement