Quality Mentor

Improve your organization’s call center quality monitoring by focusing on the customer experience and process development, not policing

How does your contact center measure and manage quality? While the quality process was first measured using literal, black-and-white metrics, successful contact centers have moved to a more intuitive approach focused on performance development through the use of a balanced scorecard.

QualityMentor from Ulysses Learning will help give your organization the competitive advantage by enabling you to measure your employees in a behavioral way that develops their performance – and enhances your training program.

  • Move from a literal, policing interpretation of quality to a more effective and intuitive team focused on the optimal customer experience
  • Align your service and sales training strategies to both coaching and quality
  • Develop your quality team’s ability and career path
  • Fine-tune monitoring and coaching skills
  • Build consensus and gain buy-in from the entire contact center
  • Structure a program to increase agent satisfaction and reduce turnover

A complete solution
QualityMentor includes everything your organization needs to elevate its quality process.

  • Implementation consulting to ensure alignment with your inside quality team
  • Performance measurement to drive behavioral change
  • Quality leadership development to align with the new development strategy
  • Certified IT integration with your existing quality system

A holistic, integrated approach
Ulysses Learning’s team of quality experts will work in tandem with your internal quality staff to improve your contact center’s quality function and turn your quality team into true performance developers. Your quality management team will gain the tools to better monitor and mentor both your frontline agents and your internal quality frontline staff.