Master Coach Certification

Entrench coaching in your call center with certified Master Coaches

Coaching is crucial for the performance improvement process to become infused into your company’s culture. To sustain the training and coaching process in your organization, Ulysses Learning works closely with our clients to identify and develop Master Coaches.

See ongoing results with Master Coaches
Organizations will achieve significantly higher levels of knowledge transfer and skill mastery with designated Master Coaches. We have found that certification is a necessary component to sustaining performance improvement over time.

The Ulysses Master Coach Training Process
One important function of the Master Coach is to shadow or observe other coaches and coach them as well. To jumpstart the process at our clients’ organizations, a Ulysses Master Coach initially fills this critical role during the training process and continues for approximately two- to six-months post training, depending the progress and the needs of the organization. This gives your Master Coach time to develop and apply all the skills necessary to sustain the new behavior change.

Your Master Coaches serve as the advocates for coaching in your organization. Reporting to senior management, they regularly and consistently share progress results and bring issues to the forefront, in addition to being the “coach” to the frontline coaches. Ulysses Learning will work with your designated Master Coaches remotely for 90 days after the initial certification process to help the individual further refine their role and responsibilities.

A Master Coach’s responsibilities typically include:

  • Monitoring calls
  • Choosing pivotal behaviors on which to focus
  • Conducting “calibration” sessions that focus on improving or reinforcing the coaching process
  • Identifying and keeping track of performance trends as results are measured over time