Dramatically boost team EQ or emotional intelligence to transform your culture and achieve meaningful contact center results

EQ@Work™ from Ulysses Learning will show your organization how to:

  • Maximize team impact at work through enhanced self- and team-awareness
  • Confidently handle a growing percentage of emotional callers
  • Help leaders more effectively connect with their teams and inspire performance excellence
  • Break down barriers that cause reps to feel isolated
  • Create stronger and more fulfilling customer and employee connections through kindness
  • Reduce friction among team members and enhance understanding of differences
  • Proven, validated assessment and training

Based on the Five-Factor model of personality, the Core Drivers Online Diagnostic assessment is the most scientifically supported personality model and is internationally recognized for its credibility and validity. Add to that a training solution developed exclusively for Ulysses Learning by a three-time author and expert on emotional intelligence leadership practices.

A complete solution
The EQ@Work™ solution features the AI-powered Core Drivers Online Diagnostic assessment and Online Digital Coach by our partner Deeper Signals, which is expertly interwoven into our inspiring EQ@Work self-awareness and team-building virtual workshop and high-impact “30-Day Challenge” Learning Accelerator.