Meet your organization’s objectives through better call center coaching

Through the power of effective coaching, you can improve the customer experience, implement new management strategies, increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover. CoachingMentor from Ulysses Learning will show your organization how.

Build a better coaching process

  • Provide timely coaching immediately after the call
  • Focus on one pivotal behavior to ensure the greatest impact
  • Offer constructive feedback in a way that your reps will accept
  • Give the coaching quickly in 60 seconds or less
  • Proven, validated coaching model

Ulysses Learning’s coaching approach is designed to build a consistent coaching process throughout your contact center and improve the performance of coaches so they can sustain the behavioral change of representatives long after the initial training has occurred.

A complete solution
The coaching solution features CoachingMentor® training, Coach Calibration Sessions and Master Coach Certification.