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What Keeps You Up At Night?

Customers are more demanding and emotional today. How can our call center employees still wow them?

Clients and others in the industry tell us what keeps them up at night is how to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Social media and immediate access to information has created a more, savvy, smart, and knowledgeable customer than ever in history. Before customers call or e-mail a company, they come armed with information and want their problem solved already, if not yesterday. They want the right answer on the first call and to be treated professionally

Confidence is the key. The front line needs the right resources at their fingertips. We need to train them on how to manage each and every type of customer. This does not mean just training them on the use of technology and computer screens, or how to access resources. It does mean they need to be given skills to lead and navigate the emotional, demanding customers, with a cadre of coaches available to guide them to excellence.

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