Level up your contact centers with proven results

Leverage AI-driven, dynamic e-learning models that will improve your customer
experience, coaching and sales training, quality monitoring, and leadership performance
with each and every interaction

Our company was founded on simulation-based e-Learning models and that focus will improve your sales effectiveness with every customer interaction. Our models leverage 70,000 data points as a baseline for your results.

Empower Your Talent

With end-to-end integrated sales practices and master coach certification.

Raise The Bar On Metrics

Ulysses models are proven to improve client satisfaction and NPS scores.

Lightning Fast Implementation

Takes four weeks on average from contract-signing to being live and measuring results!

26 +




work with a Company with 100% client satisfaction

At Ulysses we have an outstanding track record with our clients. In fact, we’ve never heard one complaint – not one – in over 26 years!

  • Experienced relationship managers
  • We’re with you every step of the way
  • No surprises during implementation
  • Your client satisfaction is our goal

Core Products

Our Core Products Can Solve your problems

Increase profits and build long term customer satisfaction and loyalty by developing your representatives’ natural selling skills.

Improve your quality monitoring by focusing on the customer experience, process development, and a balanced scorecard instead of policing.

Helps your employees take control of the call, instill confidence, diffuse emotion, and leave the customer feeling good about your organization.

Leverage tools to improve CX, implement new management strategies, increase employee satisfaction, and reduce turnover.

Our Solutions

Industry Leading Facilitator Led Solutions

Leverage our Deeper Signals partnership to help your executives develop key skills to make them stronger leaders.

Entrench coaching in your call center by identifying, developing, and certifying Master Coaches.

Drastically boost team EQ to transform your culture and achieve meaningful contact center results.

Specialized training refresher modules for each Conversation Strategy taught in ServiceMentor.

Custom Development

Add ons for any program or session – validated models customized to your culture and organization


What Clients Say About Us

Our program with Ulysses Learning wasn’t just about servicing calls, but how team leaders can effectively coach their associates. Anyone can roll out a program but if there isn’t a strategy that reinforces the training, then it’s just another program. Coaching is the key to sustaining our success.

Terry Koubele

Director Customer Service Operations

I’m all in when it comes to the Conversation Strategy. It is such a powerful tool when used effectively. What I love about coaching is that it allows me to “draw out” the innate behaviors of the Service Advocates and their leaders and align those relevant behaviors to the Conversation Strategy. 

Ronnell Lovings

Business Support and Service Coach

Our Member Satisfaction Surveys came back and we scored in the superior range for member satisfaction two years in a row! Clearly, we have made the Conversation Strategy part of our normal business. We owe much of the credit to your solutions and your team. 

Bob Menhart

Vice President

Between 2012 and 2015 we experienced a period of high growth in our membership base – upwards of 30%. We view Ulysses’ solution as playing a significant part in a cost-avoidance strategy that helped us grow to meet our members’ demand for our services, while improving our FCR and other efficiency measures. Most notable is that we accomplished this without large adds to staff.

Emily Fair

Call Center Director

ServiceMentor gave our agents the structure they needed. This meant our customers could expect to receive the same level of service each time they called. After taking all of our agents through the training, the reaction – and outcome – have been extremely positive.

Melinda Sutherland

Director of Customer Care

With Ulysses, we found a coaching practice that includes an ongoing cycle of call review, calibration, and feedback that enables continuous improvement.

Nancy Earley

Customer Care Group Market/Grievance/Appeals Unit

The difference over the past several months has been phenomenal. The coaching is now clear and concise. Our advocates have responded very well to it.

George Cross

Leader for Service training & Organizational Effectiveness

We received some great feedback about the Ulysses Learning program. One of our customers said “I called and expected to have to explain my situation to five people before I reached someone who could assist me. Instead, my rep NAILED IT! She listened closely and even repeated everything I said, so I knew she was listening and understanding the issue. Every time I call MedSolutions, I am taken care of by such professionals.”

Roger Cheek

Executive Vice President of Operations